Feburary, 2020

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This page tells you about the status and latest news of corona virus(COVID-19) in Japan.(personally&currently, the most concern, Japan can open summer Olympics or not…)

2/24(Mon),2020: train crew and quarantine officer have been infected.

A train crew of JR East (area includes Tokyo and near prefectures. that means this is definitely the biggest area) has been infected.

All of his family (four people) have been infected and unfortunately, not clear the infection route…

He worked till Feb 16th, mainly desk work at Sagamihara(相模原) station without communicating passengers however the last day (Feb 16th), he also worked at Kamimizo(上溝) station and Harataima(原当麻) station

Sagamihara(相模原) station in Kanagawa prefecture, incoming and outgoing passengers per one day is around 30,000people.

Kamimizo(上溝) station is around 7,000people and Harataima station(原当麻)is around 5,000people.

*Reference: Shinjyuku(新宿) station is 750,000people. Yokohama(横浜)station is 380,000people.

quoted by wikipedia

2/25(Tue) ,2020:infected person in Chiba has been in touch closely more than 600people.

The person used gym in Chiba, so that more than 600people under suspicion. It is said that super spreder in Nagoya also used sports club.