Top 10 of “drinking alcohol with ***” in anime character !

Who would you like to drink with?

May 13 is cocktail day! By wikipedia, “It marks the publication date of the first definition of a cocktail on May 13 in 1806. The New York tabloid The Balance and Columbian Repository defined a cocktail as [a stimulating liquor, composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water and bitters]”.
Frankly speaking, this year I firstly know the memorial day. In Japan we have a lot of memorial day and some is public holiday and other is designated for PR (like Feb 22 is Cat day because 2 (Ni in Japanese=Nyan= cry of cat) *3times sounds to be a lot of cat!

So one company released “Top 10 of drinking alcohol with ***” in anime character!
quoted by anime!anime! research date:2020/05/01 -2020/05/08 number:155people

Top 9:
Roronoa Zoro(one piece),
Mizusawa Senri(Osake wa fufuni nattekar),
Dazai Osamu(Bungou Stray Dogs),
Gin(Detective Conan)

Four people nominates! murmuring for me, Vinsmoke Sanji is only one choice within member of “One Piece”. He is a chef and so he must know good restaurants or maybe make a good dinner! (I like Zoro but he makes me sort of nervous, doesn’t he?(¬▂¬))
… Sorry, Gin isn’t in my list so that he makes me more nervous than Zoro!

↓(¬_¬) “who’s next?”

Top 8:
Jinguji Ren(Uta no Prince-sama)

↓( ಠ ಠ ) “no comment (who in whisper voice)?”

Top 5:
Sakata Gintoki(Gin Tama),
Douglas “Doug” Billingham(Double Decker! Doug & Kirill),
Matsuno Osomatsu(Osomatsu san)

Mr.Osomatsu! The name brings back memories! This is originally made by Mr.Akatsuka Fujio in 1962 and laughable gags made Japanese smile a lot.
Small tip: title of comic and old anime(60s-80s) is “Osomatsu kun” and title of the 2000s is “Osomatsu san”. Kun(君)and san(さん) are both term of address, e.g Suzuki kun, Abe san but the meaning is slightly different. “Kun” always uses for younger boys or people at lower position from boss. In an opposite way, you can use “san” for anyone, male and female and younger and older. So small change but important.
Back to the story, Osomatsu kun is son of Osomatsu san and he is early 20s. So the stage of father is with full of comedy but one of son seems to be bothering/ loving/ living… It sounds to get sympathy with current younger generation.

↓(¬‿¬)”Come on next!”

Top 4:
Nikaido Yamato(Idolish7)

↓( ̄m ̄)”Come on next!”(again) [sorry I’m not familiar with game animation…]

Top 3:
Akai Shuichi(Detective Conan),
Top 2:
Amuro Toru(Detective Conan)

Finally I hit the result what I want! o(・∇・o)(o・∇・)o
One question is who is No.1?
By the way, Mr.Amuro drives hardly and perfectly and freely in Japan’s expressway on the movie but this is definitely impossible, even though Japan has something amazing high-technology country! But yes, we can go the same place on the movie and one day I visited the expressway where is the famous by Mr.Amuro’s driving (*^^)v

↓(⋋▂⋌)”Un, who is No.1?”

Top 1:
Nakahara Chyuya(Bungou Stray Dogs)

Honestly speaking, I’m not familiar with this comic but I’m convinced at seeing the name. Bungou Stray Dogs use real famous authors and Mr.Nakahara is a poet born in 1907 and died in 1937. One of his famous poem is “Yogoretimatta kanashimini”. It’s hard to translate but “sad because of going dirty…” This dirty doesn’t describe well but it’ said that it means growing up and knowing in and out….
If you know who love poem of Nakara Chuya, she(or he) would be definitely a lover of books, especially classical one!

How about reading this result?
The company what did this research added the below things:
“As for result, we don’t have any intention to make inferior-to-superior relationship, just only show who has interest and attention. Hope this makes you know new character and understand/ interest in these characters”.
I deeply understand their intention and hope this article gives you same things!