March, 2020


This page tells you about the status and latest news of corona virus(COVID-19) in Japan.(still my most concern, Japan can open summer Olympics or not…)

3/3(Tue),2020: 30% of people were by group infection and cluster infection is 9 points.

[internally] infected: 274people (+20people from the day), died: 6people(not add)

[worldwide] infected: 87,988people(+1,795people), died: 3,031people(+65people)

The government announced “10s-30s are less under infection, so don’t crowd in a room with lack ventilation as Karaoke room or gym”.

30% of infected people as 260people (reported number as of then) are mainly caught the virus at gym, houseboat and exhibition, and then to medical service worker, family.

March 2nd, almost all kindergarten/ elementary school/ junior high school/ high school were closed to spring recess. That befalls two incomes family. Big company has the rule to work at home but many small and middle size company has less that system…

3/5(Thu),2020: Is it needed to announce the site of infection and the place where infected person work?

[internally] infected: 331people (+6people from the day), died: 6people(not add)
[worldwide] infected: 92,100people(+2,204people), died: 3,1861people(+86people)

[Recovered] internally: 48people (not add), worldwide: 51,103people(+2,955people)

Yesterday, Oita prefecture held a press conference the first infected person and then tell her working place (precisely the shop name, night lounge).

What happens after that? The restaurant has been closing definitely, not only the number of customer has been dropped near the shop!

As same as other cities, in Japan some area name is famous of clumps of “night clubs”. For example, Kabukicho 2 chome(Tokyo), Susukino(Hokkaido), Nakasu(Fukuoka).

So alcohol lovers quickly avoids that area.

quoted by dogudogujapan

3/7(Sat),2020: If call off the Tokyo Olympic, lose 7.8 trillion yen by SMBC(one Japanese securities company).

[internally] infected: 360people (+43people from the day), died: 6people(not add)
+cruise ship infected: 696people, died: 6people
[worldwide] infected: 94,310people(+2,210people), died: 3,270people(+84people)

[Recovered] internally: 69people (+20people), worldwide: 53,733people(+2,630people)

In Japan, some news at last try to tell the chance of losing the big game opportunity.
Japanese media tells “three times to stop the Olympics from now, mainly because of the war.
That means this situation is similar to under the war??? 21th century is maybe worse than war???

3/9(Mon),2020: It might be the possibility of stopping corona virus needs long-time.

[internally] infected: 488people (+33people from the day), died: 7people(+1people)
+cruise ship infected: 696people, died: 7people
[worldwide] infected: 104,435people(+3,612people), died: 3,571people(+97people)

[Recovered] internally: 101people (+21people), worldwide: 60,578people(+2,292people)

Based on my memory, today’s Japanese media tells “the possibility of drawn-out for stopping corona virus” for the first time. It tells not precisely, “like several months, half year, maybe over the year”.

This is the most terrible story for all Japanese who will welcome TOKYO Olympics… Currently the mood is “give up open on this year, but next year definitely!!”

So no one imagine what will not hold in Japan…

3/11(Wed),2020: Spring Koshien abandons…

[internally] infected: 568people (+54people from the day), died: 12people(+3people)
+cruise ship infected: 696people, died: 7people
[worldwide] infected: 112,492people(+4,099people), died: 3,996people(+201people)

[Recovered] internally: 118people (+16people), worldwide: 64,250people(+1,970people)

All Japanese know Koshien as holy baseball field for high school students.

Koshien has three menings:
1) name of land in Hyogo prefecture (Hyogo is next to Osaka)
2) home town of Hanshin Tigers as professional baseball team
3) battle field of baseball championship of high school students at spring and summer
Up to the person, what meanings is the heavier but for students related to baseball, 3) is the most important thing.

However this year, the battle of spring doesn’t open because of corona virus… This is the first time for the long battle history.

3/14(Sat),2020: The prime minister tells “hope holding Olympic games as planned over the expanding of corona virus”.

[internally] infected: 716people (+41people from the day), died: 21people(+2people)
+cruise ship infected: 697people, died: 7people
[worldwide] infected: 131,387people(+7,655people), died: 4,929people(+338people)

[Recovered] internally: 135people (+12people), worldwide: 69,791people(+1,924people)

Several days ago, one Japanese of sports committee told “It’s not real story to open the Olympics on this year as planned. Coming back to earth, the open should postpone till next or in two years.”
I and our friends receive this comment understandably (without emotional feeling), so this comment by the prime minister surprise us just a bit.
If not open the game as plan and postpone from next year, the most concern (for me) is how to treat the athlete’s village. This will be the huge&expensive apartment named of “Flagship Harumi(Harumi is the name of place)” has already sold all rooms. The contract is new resident will come to the building not so later after summer game…

3/15(Sun),2020: mask has gone somewhere…

[internally] infected: 780people (+64people from the day), died: 22people(+1people)
+cruise ship infected: 697people, died: 7people
[worldwide] infected: 141,126people(+9,739people), died: 5,365people(+436people)

[Recovered] internally: 144people (+9people), worldwide: 72,187people(+2,396people)

From yesterday, a law has established not to resell mask. In Japan, basically mask at drug stores and supermarkets and anywhere sells a lot at this season because of hay fever. However at least one month, it’s been hard to purchase the mask.
A several weeks ago, one shocking video was broadcasting on TV news channel. That is one scene where two people are struggling beside the line for purchasing mask in front of the drug store in Yokohama.
Someone said they were not Japanese… No one knows it’s true or not but at least the scene is something strange!!

3/26(Fri),2020: Governor of Tokyo declared “serious situation, don’t go out during weekend without urgent matter”

[internally] infected: 1,292people (+99people from the day), died: 45people(+2people)
+cruise ship infected: 712people, died: 10people
[worldwide] infected: 412,274people(+41,357people), died: 18,390people(+2,208people)

[Recovered] internally: 359people (+49people), worldwide: 113,056people(+5,843people)

After this announcement, news broadcasted “people rush to supermarket for foods and frozen meal”. Fortunately for me(currently), there are not happened near me however nobody knows what happens in the future.

No infected area: Kagoshima, Tokushima, Tottori, Shimane, Toyama, Yamagata, Iwate.

3/29(Sun),2020: Hanami is prohibited in Tokyo.

[internally] infected: 1,693people (+194people from the day), died: 52people(+3people)
+cruise ship infected: 712people, died: 10people
[worldwide] infected: 569,467people(+62,402people), died: 26,438people(+3,156people)

[Recovered] internally: 404people (+32people), worldwide: 138,425people(+8,479people)

Hanami in Japanese means “to watch flower” but this word makes some feelings in almost all Japanese because “do Hanami” means basically “watch Cherry blossoms[Sakura] with friends or familiar persons (mostly drinking and eating under flower) in Spring”.

Popular spot of Hanami in Tokyo is Ueno, Meguro and many places. So I saw some TV program focusing people who try to take good place for Hanami (sometime, they have kept good space by spreading blue sheet and keeping the space for several days one after the another).

However Ms.Koike (Tokyo governor) announced “no Hanami in public area” and then closed famous spots. Meguro Sakura Festival is stopped because of corona virus.

In Feb, I thought vacantly “corona virus will finish around summer because SARS took around 7 or 8 months to finish, so similar, hope finishing summer…” Now no one can say this will stop around summer…

No infected area: Kagoshima, Tokushima, Tottori, Shimane, Toyama, Yamagata, Iwate.


hanami is prohibited because of corona virus

3/30(Mon),2020: One of the most famous comedian, Ken Shimura was passed away because of corona virus…

[internally] infected: 1,866people (+173people from the day), died: 54people(+2people)
+cruise ship infected: 712people, died: 11people
[worldwide] infected: 632,430people(+62,963people), died: 29,898people(+3,460people)

[Recovered] internally: 424people (+0people), worldwide: 148,044people(+9,619people)

Mr.Shimura was born in Tokyo and he has been a first runner of comedy industry. He mus be working more than 40years in TV show. Not only children but also adults were shocked.

Also more the announcement of his brother made people cry “I couldn’t meet with him because of infection after pass away…”
The other comedian said “his sudden death makes us seriously”. It’s truly right.

No infected area: Kagoshima, Tokushima, Tottori, Shimane, Yamagata, Iwate.
*Toyama was dropped out yesterday because of one student was infected in Kyoto and then returned home at Toyama.