Amabie, finally official ambassador!

In Japan, finally Amabie like a monster effecting on coronavirus get an official chair!

New Amabies!! – where she has aimed?

Amabie is suddenly known among Japanese and others. She is a monster and was seen only at Edo period (no one could see her after that). However now, 21th century she suddenly comes back and has changed slightly.

May 01-30

*Kimetsu no yaiba *Evangelion *Kyoto Animation

Panda have an inspection for coronavirus (COVID19).

Smiling news! Panda in China have inspection for coronavirus!

Top 10 of “drinking alcohol with ***” in anime character !

May 13 is "cocktail day" and one research company released "Top 10 of anime character with who you'd like to drink"! Rank in your favorite character or not???

Washing hands and gargling…. Where our Amabie goes on ???

Amabie is a yokai and she was shown in Edo era but now she seems to be original progress in Kawaii country!

Amabie finally introduce “social distance” by herself !!

Amabie is "yokai" (something like God?). She finally tells you the right distance, social distance by herself.

What’s this? Amabie has improved “more Kawaii” !!

In Japan, corona virus seems to make new character.

Mother’s day 2020 to Mother’s month in Japan

Mother's Month instead of Mother's Day is proposed by Nippon flower council in 2020 because of countermeasure of corona virus(COVID-19). Introduce 16 language of flowers at May in Japan!

May, 2020

Illustration of this month;Koi-nobori, koi = carp and nobori = going up, this is the ornament of May 5th and Children's ...