Amabie! She must be the last saver!!


Do you know “Amabie” ?
She is not a human being and also only a few Japanese knew her name till now as the disaster world of corona virus…
She is said half of human being and fish as something goast, makes prognostications about plentiful harvest and epidemic with shinning figure appearing from ocean.

Late of Edo era( 1603-1868) , she was said to appear in Higo (current Kumamoto) prefecture and this story tells quickly with illustration on newspaper of the day and the fame tells to center of Edo (current Tokyo).

May 1846, the officer checks at water’s edge because of something lightning in the sea every night, so Amabie appears. Not to describe her but makes an illustration. She tells her name (oh politely!) and foretells “through six years, good harvest but the same time fashioned epidemic. So illustrate my figure and pass many people(attention seeker?)” and back to ocean.

*Amabie English at wikipedia

<latest news of Amabie>
1) Amabie Candy made by established candy shop in Tokyo
2) Amabie lucky charm made by clay sells from one shrine
3) The illustration is the most famous free material and so many shops and government office uses. Finally Amabie shows on this illustration shop!!

quoted by dogudogu dictionary