Doguu, candidate of world heritage. Really?

doguu up. kawaii

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“Doguu” is a figure out of clay during 14,000-400BC (this era says Jomon period).
Jomon period is the time in Japanese prehistory(14,000-300BCE).
Jomon(縄文) is derived from “Cord Marked Pottery” what is reported by Mr.Edward S. Morse from Omori Shell Mound.

Look this beautiful lady!
(Tip-off, All dogu is a woman)
Big eye and cord marked clothes, hair pilled up.
Her name is “Shako-ki doguu”. Shako-ki

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<the most “Quick & Easy” Japanese dictionary>
縄(Jo)is cord or rope, 文(mon)is design.
you say “縄(Nawa)” also and “Onawa ni suru” means “arrested”.
文 is the map simbol of school in Japan. So you can find a lot of this word at Japanese map. 

quoted by dogudogu dictionary