Gan Dora! Fake Doraemon? No, this is origin!!


Do you know “Gan dora” as full name is “Ganso Doraemon”?
You couldn’t imagine but see below photos!

“Fake Doraemon?” No, this is origin and start of “Doraemon and their associates”.
Do you know Doraemon fears terror about mouse?
Because when he was yellow Doraemon like this, the mouse nibbled his ears! So that’s why existing Doraemon is blue and no ears. (how poor Doraemon! The shocked blue face has been believed as normal color….
By the way, now I mention about “yellow cat”. In Japan, I couldn’t say well but old Japanese words sometimes “yellow” means “orange”.(e.g. safety color of traffic light, some says “blue” and other say “green”. The difference came from real color of it, I guess…). Get back to the main story, so this vivid color makes you some shock, though Mr.Fujiko Fujio (the author) imagined “orange =typical stray cat” or impacted on the MANGA?

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<the most “Quick & Easy” Japanese dictionary>
In Japan, sometimes there are some words attention similar meanings, e.g. “Ganso(元祖)”,”Honke(本家)”,”Honpo(本舗)”.

Similar but not same , so this part tells how Japanese distinguish these words.

Ganso(元祖):Image to use restaurants and have similar name of restaurant owned by relatives(maybe). One of the famous is “551 Horai” in Osaka, headquarter of two shops is at same street and similar menu but owned by different family (each presidents are brothers?)
Honke(本家), Honpo(本舗): In Japanese, Honke means head family (oldest son’s family) and opposite word is Bunke(分家). Bun(分)means to divide. So Honke sounds to be lined to something Chinese or other Asian countries or image something system of head family. By contrast, Honpo(本舗) images something funny because one group name of Japanese theater is “WHAHA Honpo”(WHAHA is sound of big laugh, mostly in Japanese ワハハ(Katakana)).

quoted by dogudogu dictionary