Washing hands and gargling…. Where our Amabie goes on ???

polite lady, Amabie

See below illustration. first, it seems polite girl with washing hands and gargling. But well right picture shows she has three fins or tails. Currently she (<- I don’t know this description is correct or not but going on the story, it’s better to use “she” on this article =)). must be one of the most famous “yokai” in Japan or maybe over the world.

Her name is Amabie (by the way, amaebi = deep-water shrimp. don’t mistake the spelling) and it is said that she just say “show my portrait, so that avoid epidemic”.

So that’s why current unusual situation of corona virus, Japanese uses her figure for candy, Japanese sweets or label of Sake. For me, this kind of familiar things or something soon disappearing is acceptable, “Amabie, good job. give safe for us”.

However these pictures gives me smiling and something uncomfortable feeling… For a while, I watched it and finally understand my feelings “this seems to be a poster for polite way in an elementary school !”. Indoctrination poster can be seen at many schools.

Now she seems to take off “yokai” category and get on the stage of eternal character… BUT Japan has a lot of “Kawaii” characters and nobody knows we can see next year as same volume as this year…!