Mother’s day 2020 to Mother’s month in Japan

mother's day to mother's month Japan 2020

Nippon flower council proposes “Mother’s day change to Mother’s month”. They say this action has three benefits, “safe for customers”, “safe of staff at flower shop” and “safe for delivery of flower”.
In Japan, Mother’s day is one of the biggest market as 117 billion yen and you can easily understand how big it is compared to Father’s day (June) as 58 billion yen as half of it (quoted by NIkkei MJ, 2018).
So they’d like to have more chance to sell flower not only one day but through one month. To say more, currently flower shops have been mostly closed because of corona virus but maybe at middle or end of May, it might be opened. They also offer not only carnation but also other 16 May flowers and short message.

Love mother / Carnation (innocence and deeply love, gratitude)

All right, good things will come! / Lily of the valley (again of happiness, whiteness)
Mom, Give our best! / Gerbera (hope, advance)
Mom, Love you!! / Rose (love, beauty)
The best mother in the world(bashful) / Peony (shy, decent)
Like your ladylike attitude / Calla lily (great beauty, maiden ladylike)
Comes lucky things to Mon! / Phalaenopsis orchid (happiness fly, pure love)
The best mom forever!! / Alstromeria (longing for future, continuance)
Talk more again! / Lisianthus (pure beauty, good talikng)
Mom, always and lot of thanks / Dahlia (thankfulness, great, elegance)
Mom, be cheerful so long time! / Hydrangea (cheerful lady, strong commitment with family)
Your heart is beautiful! / Clematis (spiritual beauty, happiness by traveler)

So happy because you’re my mother! / Blue star (believe with each other, happy love)
Mother is strong! / Lily (innocence, majesty)
We are happy because you are here / Delphinimu elatum (wakefulness, give happy)
Someday, I’d like to be mom / Sun flower (see only you, reverence)

As the same as other country, all Japanese are under severe situation, so that’s why this action is very good to say thankful to your mother even though after Mother’s Day!

This year, mother’s day to mother’s month